Development support record

Development support record(A part)

1963 Separation Method of Power Shovel sticked soil by electro-osmosis.
  • Plastic optical fiber production support(supply monomer)
  • Compund optical glass Fiber production(core/clad glass)
  • Arrange of Joint venture to establish company of Nylon cable binder
  • Technology transfer of electret made by Thin fluoropolymer films
    • Applied to capacitor microphone,headphone
    • oxygen sensor application by thin cast PTFE film
    • Power capacitor application by thin PP film (support establish film company)
  • Technology transfer arrange of sintered porous plastic
    • disposable lighter wick,fish air filter
    • Application of porous PTFE tubes for gastrocamera
1973 marketing & import of UV cure adhesives
  • High precision ball of sapphire,Tungsten carbide,Silicon nitride, Apply for testing probe,calibration market
  • Marketing & application development of Microsphere
    • Standard particles,spacer of LCD, Clinical Test, Diagnossis
  • application of mechanical seal(Bal-seal) for liquid Chromatograpy
    • nozzles of dispenser,high pressure pump,valve
1975 Invention of back light of LCD
Supplyed to Major Digital watch companies(J.P.1980-162201)
  • Established Joint venture with FORT SA(France) fiber optics application
  • developed fiber optic/grin lens sensor for distance meter
  • Agreement with TSL of optical fiber Preforms,rod,tubes
  • Agreement with Stratos AB about three ball,fiber optics connector
    • Later NTT developed FC optical connector to be adopted by UK British Telecom for commercialization.
  • Agreement DUKE Corp.
    • about Microsphere.
  • Agreement Cargille Labs.
    • Marketing of refractive index liquid.
1984 started 4 fiber drawing furnace of compound optical fibers
1985 License agreement with fiber optic oxygen sensor from Karl-franzens-Universitat
  • License term CSEM(switzerland) about Micro-positioner.
    • Later it commercialized optical fibers auto.
  • Developed CCD Microscope for cosmetic & skin counseling(Brand name; Scopeman and Charm View)
  • developed Machine Micro Lens
    • start for machine vision business for semiconductor machine
    • combined with CCD,CMOS camera
1995 Started magnetrostrictive business,agreement with Etrema Products,Inc
2006 Multi wavelength UVLED lighting system
2007 Developed Titan mesh impregnated photocatalyst (TMiP)element/td>
2013 Developed new type of liquid light guides
2017 Technology transfer arrangement of optical single crystal production systems for china

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